Refugee Crisis

Sunday, 31/12/2028

Vandu Language Services (VLS) formally Southeast Interpreting and Translation Services (SITS) was set up in 1999 to support the Sussex public sector to communicate with their clients from different cultures and languages. In the last 16 years we have seen so many displaced communities, due to war and natural disasters, arriving to the UK. Our job was, and is today, to make sure they are supported culturally and linguistically. Vandu have trained community interpreters to work alongside health and social care professionals during the Balkans war, division of the former Soviet Union, the Iraq and Afghan war, the genocide of Rwanda, the civil war in Congo, the Eritrean – Ethiopia border war, Darfur, Libya and the displaced communities from Diego Garcia. Most of the above individuals and communities are now well integrated and settled in the UK. However war and natural disasters and displacements are still hanging over the planet in all directions. The Middle East is in havoc at present but the Syrians are going through the most unbearable and painful time. 

Following the UK government announcement to accept some refuges from Syria, if public professionals from health, social services, charities and voluntary sector need our community interpreting, bilingual health and social care advocacy or telephone interpreting and written translation to support  victims of war and displacement, we are ready to work and support any individual, not interpreting only, but to help them to settle, integrate, look after their health and wellbeing and to learn the UK cultures and systems, including the English language. Please see the list of the support services we provide. 

Our freelance linguists are trained to work in all manner of fields and we ensure they keep their knowledge up to date with current challenges that we face in society. They will also have the expertise to guide you through cultural challenges to make certain all parties are of the same understanding. Our face to face interpreting and telephone conference services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so even in an emergency you’ll get the support required.

Bilingual advocacy
One of our strengths as a language organisation is our Bilingual Advocacy support which ensures BME communities have access to health and social care, empowering them to make informed decisions by providing the necessary tools to become independent and successful in the UK.  

We are certain that Vandu, together with our qualified linguists, are ready to tackle the refugee crisis, supporting service providers to help the smooth running of their busy operation while they provide guidance to the refugees from the Middle East.

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