A trip to India

  • 09/10/2015
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Navratri festival

Namaste, Apa kaise hai? Unless you speak Hindi, hello how are you? 

For those of you who are unaware, today is Navratri festival, one of the largest Hindu festivals celebrated every year that is dedicated to worshiping the Hindu deity Durga.

Durga puja (the act of worship) festival, marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil, buffalo demon Mahishasura. Worshipping the nine forms of Durga is the main ritual during the Navratri puja.

Navratri lasts nine days representing the nine manifestations of the powerful and benevolent Goddess Durga. The word Navratri means 'nine nights' in  Sanskrit , nava meaning nine and ratri meaning nights.

The garba dance of Gujrat is an exciting and interesting event where people from all over the country and various parts of the world visit to experience the exotic celebrations.

We got the opportunity to speak to one of our interpreters to find out in her own words what the festival is about...

Why is the festival celebrated?

People around the world are very aware of the terms Navratri and Garba. So much is its popularity, that as soon as one comes across a Gujarati, the very next thought that comes to his/her mind is Garba.

Navratri is a triumph of good over evil. It takes place over nine nights representing the nine goddesses that vanquished the demons for the protection and benefit of ordinary humans.

So what really is Navratri, a non Gujarati may ask; it is a festival of joy, dance, colours, and lots of love.

Could you explain the origins of the festival?

There are no specific dates of when it began but it is recorded in the Hindu scriptures which do not line up exactly with the Gregorian calendar used in the west.

It derives from spiritual harmony and good feeling with the family, a celebration of woman hood and the importance of the matriarch within the family.   

Finally, what is your favourite part of the festival?

Navratri is so popular that not only the Gujaratis or even people from other parts of India celebrate it, but people from around the globe love doing Garba too.

A lot of non Gujaratis keep wondering why we love Garba so much. Ask any Gujarati and he or she will give a hundred points as to why they love Garba!

My favourite part is dressing up in colourful clothes and dancing.



Vandu Language Services is based in Lewes, Sussex and has been helping organisations overcome the language barrier since 1999. We provide interpreting, translation, bilingual advocacy and cross cultural training for when you need to communicate clearly across cultures.




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Language curiosities

  • 06/10/2015
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Language is part of our everyday life, but how much do you really know about world languages?

 Test your knowledge with the questions below and share your answers in the comments section, but no looking on Google!

1. Approximately how many languages are spoken throughout the world?

2. In which country do they speak the most languages?

3. Which language is most widely spoken in the world?

4. Which are the most difficult and the easiest languages to learn?

5. Which are the two oldest languages in the world that are still in use today?

6. Which language has the longest word in the world?

Check back with us soon for the answers!

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Healthy Culture = High Quality

  • 03/07/2015
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Business culture is the personality of a company. It includes company mission, values, ethics, expectations, goals and the work environment.

A healthy business culture will come from employees being productive and motivated but at the same time being able to have fun and enjoy themselves at work. When the balance of these are met, businesses will be able to prosper and grow.

Leaders who want to inspire employees and create a better work atmosphere will work to put into practice the following steps:

1. Trust; Great leadership comes from the ability to create an environment of trust. This trust starts from the leader and it is spread out through the rest of the employees. Great leaders are self-confident whilst they still trust their employees, who should trust their leader just as much.

2. Vision; Vision is a fundamental skill of any leader. It is the ability to gather information based on observation and experience. Leaders have to be insightful to see through the surface of things, and to read in between lines.

3. Humility; Humility comes from being able to self-evaluate as well as having the capacity to evaluate others in an objective and fair way. This type of leader put all their efforts into trying to lead by example.

4. Humour; A leader with sense of humour can lighten the weight of their team workload. A smile is free and it can have a great effect.

So, a company with a healthy culture will be able to:

  • Retain their employees by valuing their work. This will create a highly positive attitude towards the company.
  • Attract new potential talented and skilled employees due to the company reputation.
  • Increase productivity due to their motivated employees. This will also increase the financial health of the company which will benefit both the organisation and the staff.
  • Deliver high quality services.


Our culture of excellence will be able to deliver the best high quality services within the language industry.

So, try our services by calling us on 01273 473986 or sending us an email to

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Mebrak's Third London 10K Run!

  • 29/06/2015
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At 9:00am on the 12th of July Mebrak will be once again running the London 10k, making her way around famous attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The London Eye and finishing off in Whitehall.

Last year Mebrak completed the 10k in just 1 hour 3 minutes and smashed her target of raising £1000 as she raised just under £1400!

Mebrak will again be running for the Eritrean Relief Association who provide support for those with HIV Aids, Autism and also providing schools in Eritrea with e-readers and other digital devices to improve the quality of learning with the belief that 'It is every child's right to read and write'. Close to 500 tablets have already been delivered under the campaign: 'One tablet for one Eritrean student' !

Show Mebrak some love and support by visiting her donation page ( and helping her raise some money!

Donations will run after the event has been completed, and so Mebrak invites you all to her home on the 17th of July from 5pm-9pm!

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Thank you for sharing!

  • 26/05/2015
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We are good, we are very good. Better still our service users are telling us that we are reliable, professional and a trustworthy team. It’s not often we take the time to sit back and reflect on the results we achieve for our services users but this has been a particularly good week.

We have had several clients take their time to write us glowing testimonials. They thought that we deserve to be thanked for providing them the most professional interpreters, bilingual advocates and translators. We are sending between 30 -40 linguists every day to public, private organisations and freelance film and PR consultants to help them with their language and cultural communication support needs
Making our customers international trade success and untangle their communication barrier is what we do and when our service users come and tell us “you have done the job and you have done it so well thank you” we brim with pride!


This makes our work extra enjoyable!  



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