Bilingual Advocacy in Sussex

Bilingual advocacy allows people who can’t yet understand English to make informed decisions about their health and social care. Our fully trained interpreters will act on their behalf, helping to communicate their needs and express their concerns.

We’ll signpost them to other support services they may need – anything from relevant charities to English language classes - creative thinking and specialist knowledge that helps vulnerable people get on their feet and become successful.

A network of highly trained, specialist interpreters and translators – seamlessly fluent in both the source and target language.
Accurate interpretation that clears the language barrier, helping migrant individuals gain access to health services, dental care, practical advice and information.
Skilled linguists who instinctively understand the cultural and social norms, the linguistic idioms and cultural etiquette of the individual client or patient.
In-depth knowledge of local and national support services available to individuals and their families.

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