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Vandu Language Services - Translation & Interpreting Agency

Communicating across cultures can be tricky, but in today’s global marketplace it’s essential. Vandu Language Services can bridge the language gap for you. We provide cost-effective, culturally intelligent interpreting and translation services in Sussex. 

It’s fast, fluently precise and culturally nuanced. Our team of professional translators can make you easily understood with clear, word perfect accuracy in over 100 different languages - often at short notice.

Here’s how we can help:

•   Interpreting – helping the conversation flow naturally in almost any language in the world.
•   Translation of all written material, from document translation and certified translation to website translation services.
•   Cross-cultural training giving you the skill and confidence to communicate effortlessly with the global customers that matter to your business.  
•   Bilingual advocacy - helping non-English speakers make informed decisions about health and social care, helping vulnerable people get on their feet and become successful.

Vandu Language Services can help you talk to the world. Get in touch on 01273 473986 or make a booking now.  


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